Where is the problem of loss of visitors

2. sites, all keywords are a home. Although there are many words ranked in Shanghai love home, but are generally customers visited immediately after the turn off, because the positioning of the site is not strong, the customer to find your page, you need not feel his website content, will be shut down, the next … [Read more…]

The Ji’nan Armed Police Hospital and the competitor is how to do optimization

analysis of Ji’nan Armed Police Hospital and competitor   A and URL: Ji’nan anorectal Hospital Ji’nan anorectal Hospital of the Ji’nan Armed Police Hospital channel optimization has quickly started more than half a year, and many owners are busy, stop the chain every day. In the "content is king, the chain for the emperor" era, … [Read more…]

The medical network marketing way actually risk and price risk search

!The no medical network marketing, search engine ranking as a fundamental solution of medical industry is restricted in other marketing channels (such as TV media are also on medical. today, love Shanghai medical auction in a popular CCTV exposure and under the pressure of gradual convergence, although love Shanghai Xinyoubugan, but this is the final … [Read more…]